Moviehole was down in Australia, where Kevin Smith was promoting his latest comedy Clerks II, They spoke with the director about his next project:

"Next up I want to do a horror movie. I just think it would be kinda interesting - for me at least - to go left. I've made seven comedies, or variation thereof, and some people would argue that none of them are funny. But it would be nice to make a horror movie. An intentional horror movie, not like Jersey Girl. [much laughter]. It's a genre that I grew up watching on VHS and on cable when I was a kid", said Smith.

"No jokes and stuff, not like Scary Movie 4. There are people that do that really well, like Edgar Wright with Shaun of the Dead, but I don't want to make a comedic one, I want to make a straight-forward horror movie.

"It'll be a bit of slasher, but I'm kinda looking more at ... you remember that movie Race With The Devil? It's more kind of in that vein. Or The Wicker Man. Something in that vein where it's creepy and unsettling more than gore."

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