It's not always easy for a director to choose a favorite of their own movies. It's like a parent picking their favorite child. However, Kevin Smith has revealed his favorite movie in the View Askewniverse. He's had a enough time to sit back and reflect on his career, while continuing to make sequels to some of his beloved projects. 2019's Jay & Silent Bob Reboot saw the return of the two classic stoner characters and it reminded Smith fans why they still look forward to whatever he's putting out after all of these years.

As for Kevin Smith's favorite movie he's ever put out, it may surprise you. The director replied to a fan on social media who praised Clerks, calling it the best indie film of the 90s, while simultaneously dissing Clerks 2. Smith was cordial, but pointed out some errors in the fan's analysis and rejected his idea for Clerks 3. He had this to say.

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"Maybe that's because Clerks II came out in 2006, not the 90's. Also: Clerks II is my favorite of the Askewniverse movies (with Jay and Silent Bob Reboot gaining fast). Also also: Clerks 3 takes place almost entirely at Quick Stop, so no airport stops."

There we have it. 2006's Clerks 2 is Kevin Smith's favorite of all of his movies. Many fans probably would have assumed that Smith would have chosen Clerks, since it was the first and is the one he is arguably best-known for. Or others may have thought he would have chosen Dogma since he was able to work with the late great George Carlin. Whatever the case may be, Smith knows his work better than anyone, and Clerks 2 checks all of the boxes for him.

Also, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot could go on to become Kevin Smith's favorite at some point down the line. There's a lot of reasons for that, but he had a lot he wanted to accomplish with the reboot, which it seems he did. Not only was he able to complete it and get way too many of his friends and family crammed into it, but he was able to bring it out to audiences and see their reactions on a nightly basis. One can't help but think this will factor into his next projects.

Getting a nightly dose of fan reactions should help gauge Kevin Smith's writing as he works on both Clerks 3 and Mallrats 2. As for the release schedule, it isn't clear if Smith will go with a more traditional distribution system in the future, or if he'll continue to do the live events. As is the case with anything he's up to, he'll let us know one way or the other on social media. You can check out the latest fan interaction below, thanks to Kevin Smith's Twitter account.