Apparently, some things never change. Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes first broke into the movie business together 26 years ago, and Smith is celebrating the collaboration with a small series of photos of the two on their newest tour together. Very well known for their Jay and Silent Bob characters, Smith and Mewes are currently touring their latest movie Jay and Silent Bob Reboot across the United States. In a new post on Instagram, Smith includes several photos of himself and Mewes in various cities on the tour, and you can take a look at the post below.

"This month, we Jersey boys celebrate 26 years in the movie biz, standing beside one another both professionally and personally," Smith says in the post's caption, noting how he and Jason Mewes grew up around the block from one another in New Jersey and now live just as close together in Hollywood. Smith adds: "We have been each other's saviors - and together, we've gone far further in the business of show than either of us ever dreamed was possible! They should've booted us out of the biz years back, but somehow, we're still here - hetero-lifemates in reel life and real life!"

When Kevin Smith began his career as a filmmaker with Clerks, he knew early on he had to include his friend Mewes in the movie. In reality, Mewes wasn't too far off from the Jay character he portrays, making the role perfect for him to step into even without any acting experience. Along with Smith as Silent Bob, Jay loiters and sells pot outside of the local Quick Stop convenience story, much to the annoyance of the clerks who work there. Though not the main characters, Jay and Silent Bob would stand out as very popular characters, leading to Smith bringing them back in his next movie, Mallrats.

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From there, Jay and Silent Bob were established as one of Hollywood's most entertaining duos. They would continue to appear in many more Smith movies to come in the following years, such as Dogma, Chasing Amy, and even their own movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Nearly three decades later, the characters remain just as popular as they've always been, still entertaining their fans in the newest movie Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. And none of it would have been possible if not for the real-life friendship of Smith and Mewes, dating back years before Smith would begin writing Clerks.

There are still some tour dates remaining for Smith and Mewes' Reboot Roadshow, so there's still time to catch Jay and Silent Bob Reboot with the actual Jay and Silent Bob if any showings near you still remain. For those who want to see it at home, the Blu-ray and DVD will be released on Jan. 21. From Clerks to Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and the upcoming Clerks and Mallrats sequels, it's clear that the collaboration between Smith and Mewes is far from over - even after 26 years. This news comes to us from Kevin Smith on Instagram.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
Jeremy Dick