Kevin Smith has just announced that all of the pull lists from Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash in New Jersey have been paid off. Smith made the announcement during his most recent podcast. The director/writer/comic book store owner decided to pay everything off himself in order to let his patrons spend their money on other things during this time. Comic book stores aren't exactly essential businesses, so many across North America have had to shut their doors, which makes this a really nice gesture from Smith.

Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin aired a new episode on their Fat Man Beyond podcast on Friday evening, which is where Smith made the pull list announcement. Smith revealed that he had spoken to Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash employee Michael Zapcic earlier and asked him to clear all of the pull lists from their customers. This is a huge deal for comic book fans who might not have the extra money at the moment to buy what they had originally pulled. Millions across the country have lost their jobs or are making considerably less money than they were before.

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Kevin Smith said that he was inspired to pay off the pull lists by Venom writer Donny Cates. The author recently paid off all of the pull lists at a local store in Austin, Texas in an effort to support comic book fans during this rough time. He encouraged these people to go out and support others or buy something else that could help them through this time. As all of this goes on, support for independent book stores, including comic book stores, has been on the rise.

The tip jar in Friday night's Fat Man Beyond podcast was given to #Comics4Creators in association with BINC (Book Industry Charitable Foundation). #Comics4Creators is made up of comic book creators, illustrators, TV producers, actors, and more, who are trying to raise money for BINC by auctioning off rare items online. BINC is a nonprofit organization that has set out to help booksellers and stores in times of need, and now is definitely one of those times. So, Kevin Smith aimed to help a lot of comic fans on Friday night, not just his customers in New Jersey.

Kevin Smith is using his time indoors to be productive and creative. In a recent interview, he urged fans to do the same, noting that he was nearly finished with the Mallrats 2 script. He has also had the time to get his podcast aired, while helping out some comic book fans and comic book stores at the same time. While times are tough for millions of people across the world, many in the entertainment industry have taken it upon themselves to keep people entertained or by donating to charity, which has been pretty excellent to see. You can check out the Fat Man Beyond podcast from Friday below, thanks to Kevin Smith's YouTube channel.