/fake-batman-v-superman-script-written-and-leaked-by-kevin-smith/Last week, we reported that director Kevin Smith had taken it upon himself to write a fake Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice screenplay used by Warner Bros. to trick movie bloggers into posting false rumors about the production. The writer/director had stayed quiet on the subject over the 4th of July weekend, but built up a little momentum, claiming that all questions would be answered today at 11:00 am. He was actually using this announcement as a launching pad for the first teaser poster for his upcoming independent horror movie Tusk.

Check out the poster along with comments from Kevin Smith:

<strong><em>Tusk</em></strong> Poster
1 year ago, you said #WalrusYes so I wrote Tusk. Today, I present our official poster!

Behold... The TUSK Poster!

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One year ago from this moment, I was writing a script based on a then-recent episode of SModcast. One year later, I present to you the poster for the actual movie! At TuskTheMovie you can hear a truncated version of the podcast from whence the picture came, SModcast 259: The Walrus & The Carpenter. I'll show the first trailer in 2 weeks, during my Hall H panel at Comic-Con. A24 releases the flick in the states this fall, with Sony International handing lots of the distribution in the non-U.S. marketplace.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? I am in love with the poster. Captures the movie perfectly. Big thanks to the folks at Ignition who designed it!"

Now that he's successfully promoted his own project, Kevin Smith wants to make sure you know that he didn't write that fake Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice screenplay.

Do you like what you see in terms of Tusk? And what do you think about that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice screenplay? Does this mean its real? Fake? Will we hear more about it in the future?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange