|TV Guide} recently sat down with director Kevin Smith to talk about some of his upcoming projects, including the long-awaited Fletch prequel he'd like to do with Jason Lee, and of course his upcoming sequel to Clerks, Passion of the Clerks.

I heard you are doing a sequel to Clerks?

Smith: Yeah, I can’t wait, sir. We start shooting Oct. 10. It’s a story about what happens to the angry young man once he turns 35. We’ve got all the same guys from the first film.

Are you still doing [a feature version of] The Green Hornet?

Smith: I backed off The Green Hornet about six months ago. I wrote the script and then thought this is far too big for me to do. I’m not talented enough to do an action film at this time in my life. I don’t want to be the director who is given $70 million to do a movie and screws the pooch.

Think you’ll join your Mallrats star/all-around go-to guy Jason Lee on his new NBC show, My Name Is Earl?

Smith: Ha! Jason has e-mailed me and said he might want me to direct an episode, but I haven’t seen the show yet. I’m so delighted Jason is getting the recognition he deserves. Maybe now I can make a Fletch film staring Jason — I’ve wanted to do that for five years.|CLICK HERE} for the entire interview.