Superman Returns: During a recent interview with SciFi Wire, actor Kevin Spacey confirmed the recent rumblings about his own interest in taking on the 'Lex Luthor' role in the upcoming Superman retelling, directed by X-Men helmer, Bryan Singer.

Kevin Spacey confirmed to SCI FI Wire reports that he's seriously considering playing Lex Luthor to Brandon Routh's Superman in director Bryan Singer's upcoming film, Superman Returns. "They want me to do it," Spacey (K-PAX) said in an interview. "It's all a matter of scheduling."

Spacey explained that two motivating factors were driving his interest in the project. First, it would be an opportunity to reunite with Singer, who directed his Oscar-winning performance in The Usual Suspects. Second, it would be a sound business decision. "Working with Bryan Singer again, hands-down, [is the main reason]," the actor said. "And also, let's face it, I'm not someone who's done those kind of movies. But I have done big studio films, and [of] the big studio films I've done I've tried to do the interesting ones and the ones I could live with myself in the morning about. But those movies actually provide me the ability to do a movie like Beyond the Sea [the upcoming Bobby Darrin biopic that he wrote, directed and stars in] or to go to the Old Vic and [serve as the artistic director of the venerable British theater].

"There's kind of a trade-off," he continued. "You get paid more money when you do those kind of movies. I do more independent movies and I certainly produce more independent movies than big studio films. I want to be in the game, and being in the game allows me to do the other stuff that I want to do. So I'll always try to balance that. Superman is a big franchise; there's no doubt about it."

Superman Returns is in preproduction now, with an eye toward a 2006 release.

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