During a recent interview with Sam Rockwell, io9 learned that Kevin Spacey will be playing the voice of a robot in the upcoming thriller Moon. The movie is being directed by David Bowie's son Duncan Jones.

In the film, Rockwell plays a miner suffering from space madness, as he has been sent to a moon base alone to mine a precious ore. Just a few weeks away from his release, Rockwell's character learns that he is about to be replaced by his own clone and must come face to face with this doppelganger.

Rockwell didn't give any further information about the robot that Spacey would be playing. He simply stated, ""We've got Kevin Spacey who's going to play the voice of the robot. Which is great. But it's just me, and there are a couple of supporting roles of people who do transmissions onto the space station.That's a pretty weird movie. That's a lot of Sam. It's a lot of Sam for me to watch. There's no Anjelica Huston, Kelly Macdonald and Brad Henke [his cast members from Choke] in that movie, but we do have Kevin, thank god."

The film will be released sometime next year.