Jon Bernthal has revealed his true feeling about Kevin Spacey and they aren't warm and fuzzy. The Punisher actor says that he didn't like the way Spacey treated people on the set of Baby Driver and called the actor a "bully." Bernthal's accusations are the latest to come out against Spacey and they are the tamest. The news comes after multiple men have come forward accusing Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct privately, all the way up to the set of House of Cards.

Jon Bernthal was recently on the Jim Norton and Sam Roberts show on Sirius XM where he revealed his feelings about Kevin Spacey. As it turns out, Bernthal was a huge fan of Spacey's and even went so far as to call him one of his favorite actors, but that all changed when he met the Academy Award winning actor while working on Baby Driver. While the Punisher actor didn't want to pile on to the mounting list of people accusing Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct, he did highlight some points that have already been revealed about the actor.

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The Punisher star, whose series drops this month on the streaming series, recalls that Kevin Spacey was kind of jerk on the set of Baby Driver and claims that he was really disappointed. Bernthal went on to say that many of his friends and family reached out to him after the accusations about Spacey began to spread. He explains.

"I remember being on that set and I remember him really rubbing me the wrong way. And it's funny, anybody who I was working with at the time, and people in my life, remember me saying it. A lot of people reached out to me when (the allegations came out)."

Jon Bernthal went on to say that he was a huge fan of Spacey's, but that his behavior on the set rubbed him the wrong way. Kevin Spacey has had a rapid fall from grace after Star Trek: Discovery's Anthony Rapp came forward and shared his story about Spacey making unwanted sexual advances when he was underage.

After accusing Kevin Spacey of being a bully, Jon Bernthal went on to comment on the accusations of sexual misconduct, claiming that Spacey's behavior on the set of Baby Driver made him uncomfortable. Bernthal had this to say.

"I thought he was a bit of a bully... I didn't really care for the way he was behaving toward some of the other people on set... I remember thinking at the time, man, if that was a woman that he was talking to, I would have done something. I would have said something. And I was really happy to get out of there."

Jon Bernthal's claims about Spacey fall right in with other claims that have been made about working with the actor. Members of the cast and crew of House of Cards have recently shared their own stories that have been reiterated by Bernthal.

It was recently announced that Kevin Spacey, who is facing mounting allegations of sexual harassment and assault, will no longer appear in Ridley Scott's forthcoming drama, All the Money in the World as well as Netflix's House of Cards. The filmmakers have taken the rare move of planning to completely edit Spacey out of the film and replace him with another actor. 

Christopher Plummer will take over Spacey's role in the movie, which despite the last-minute change, is still set for release on December 22. You can read more about Jon Bernthal's experience working with Kevin Spacey via US Magazine.