Kevin Spacey appeared in a Nantucket courthouse this morning and plead not guilty. He was then pulled over for speeding after leaving his arraignment. The actor was arraigned on a felony charge of indecent assault and battery, which is a charge that could land Spacey up to five years in jail if convicted. Just last week, representation for Spacey requested that the actor not have to attend the arraignment, a motion that the judge swiftly denied. Spacey's attorneys stated that his appearance could "amplify the negative publicity already generated in connection with this case."

After his request was denied, Kevin Spacey had no choice but to attend the arraignment. After pleading not guilty, the judge ordered that Spacey stay away from the alleged victim and his family and not to contact them. Spacey's defense team then ordered the victim's "cell phone data and other text messages" from the "date of the incident until six months afterward." The defense believes that these messages will come out in the actor's favor when all is said and done. Spacey appeared with a good attitude in the courtroom and quickly left on his private jet.

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Hours after having plead not guilty, the actor was pulled over for speeding as he tried to make his way back home. He was stopped trying to leave the Reagan National Airport in Virginia. Spacey was only given a verbal warning and managed to continue on his way without further incident.

The next court date is scheduled for March 4th and the judge agreed to Kevin Spacey's request to not attend. However, the actor will have to be reachable by phone during the day. Cape and Islands Assistant District Attorney Michael Giardino previously stated that the actor's arraignment appearance was required under Massachusetts state rules for criminal case procedure, which the judge upheld. But, Spacey might not have to attend another court date unless more evidence is mounted against him. The victim has video footage from his encounter with the actor, but the defense says that the video doesn't prove anything illegal happened.

Kevin Spacey is being charged with felony sexual assault after getting an 18-year old busboy drunk. The victim allegedly lied to Spacey about his age, stating that he was 23-years old. Throughout their time in the restaurant, Spacey groped the victim, which he claims to have on video, though the actor's defense team say that the video only shows a man's hand on a shirt. After getting intoxicated, Spacey and the victim went out for a cigarette, which is when the actor allegedly pulled down the victim's pants and assaulted him.

Kevin Spacey denies that the sexual assault took place and denies all other allegations that have been leveled against him over the course of the last year. As of this writing, over thirty men have come forward with varying degrees of misconduct against the actor in the United States and the UK. However, the Nantucket incident is the only one in which he has been charged with a crime, though he is under investigation in the UK and Los Angeles. This is a developing story and more news is expected after the next court date on March 4th. The Kevin Spacey news was first reported by CNN.