2929 Prods. has teamed with Dana Brunetti and Kevin Spacey of Trigger Street Prods. and author Ben Mezrich, picking up two projects from the team behind the gambling hit 21. Brunetti and Spacey are producing via Trigger Street and 2929 is financing.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, first up is Ugly Americans, based on Mezrich's 2004 nonfiction book. The story follows an American who takes a job in Hong Kong with an investment banker and realizes his boss is in cahoots with organized crime and is embezzling from the company -- a situation even more precarious when he finds himself promoted to become his boss's right hand man. Robert Schenkkan wrote the initial adaptation. 2929 picked up "Rules" from DreamWorks in turnaround.

The second project, Q, is set in a near future where the U.S. government goes into lockdown when an epidemic breaks out. Q is based upon a book by Mezrich to be published in the fall. The novel is based on actual but little-known draconian quarantine laws.

No production date has been set.