The Green Hornet: Director Kevin Smith recently confirmed that The Green Hornet big screen comic adaptation is apparently on hold for the moment. A reader over at Dark Horizons has the scoop...

"Just attended an question and answer session with Kevin Smith Last night (7th June) at the Prince Charles Cinema in leicester square, London. Kevin talked a lot about upcoming projects and when asked how he was going to tackle the leap into directing action scenes in Green Hornet he replied. "I may not direct it now." he continued to tell us that he had talked to miramax about just writing it and then deciding if he will direct. Miramax have agreed to let him just write it but are still eager for him to direct.

Kevin also confirmed that a small independent film of a budget of around £250,000 will be his next project. He told us he has already got most of the cast and Ben Affleck is not going to be in it, not due to any problem with Ben, he honestly just didn't need Ben for this project".

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.