Several years past the end of the sketch comedy series on Comedy Central, Keegan-Michael Key says he's on board for doing a Key & Peele reunion movie. Additionally, the comic actor says he's up for appearing in one of Peele's more traditional modern movies as well, perhaps something more akin to Get Out and Us.

Jordan Peele isn't doing so much comedy these days, having since found great success as a horror movie director. Still, should the opportunity arise, Keegan Michael Key clearly has no qualms in doing something new with his comedy collaborator.

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"But we're doing a movie right now together, stop-motion animation film with Henry Selick, who did James and the Giant Peach and Nightmare Before Christmas, and Coraline. He's a genius. It's called Wendell and Wild, based off of a graphic novel, and we're doing that. But, depending on the script, I would love to be in what I would now call a traditional Jordan Peele film. But I'm certainly not adverse to us doing a Key & Peele film. Maybe a dramatic Key & Peele film of some ilk. I'm not sure what that would be, but of course, I'd love to work with Jordan."

The history between Key and Peele dates all the way back to their time on the Fox comedy series Mad TV. Both performers were cast together for the show's ninth season, delivering some of the most memorable characters and performances from the show's final years. In 2012, the two created a new sketch comedy series for Comedy Central, with Key & Peele turning out to be a hit for the network. The series would ultimately run for five seasons before endings its run in 2015. Although the series was still very popular, bringing it to a close has allowed both Key and Peele to explore other opportunities, which has clearly turned out to be the right choice.

Even with no new episodes of Key & Peele in the works, it was clear the two weren't done collaborating just yet. Soon after the end of the series, the two were co-starring for the first time as lead actors in the movie Keanu, which hit theaters in 2016. In the movie, Key and Peele play two friends who infiltrate a gang in order to retrieve a stolen kitten. Also starring in the bizarre movie are Tiffany Haddish, Method Man, Nia Long, and Will Forte. Peele has since teased on Reddit if he were to do Keanu 2, it would have "twice as many deaths as there are in John Wick 2." For some time, the pair also teased that they were doing a realistic, gritty Police Academy reboot.

Key continues to appear as an actor in various roles, which has included parts in movies like The Predator and The Disaster Artist. He also had a prominent role on the Netflix series Friends from College, which ran for three seasons. Additionally, Key has done tons of voiceover work as well, as he can be heard in the Hotel Transylvania movies and shows like The Simpsons, Rick and Morty, and Son of Zorn. He's also set to lend his voice to the upcoming remake of The Lion King, which is all but guaranteed to destroy the box office. Additionally, the actor is also set to appear in the upcoming Rudy Ray Moore biopic Dolemite Is My Name, which appropriately stars Eddie Murphy as the raunchy comedian.

While there's no Key & Peele reunion currently in the works, fans of the duo can still look forward to their next reunion in Wendell and Wild. The pair's voices can also both currently be heard on the big screen in Toy Story 4, which is playing in theaters everywhere. Whatever the projects might be, chances are we'll be seeing many more reunions of the pair in the future. This story comes to us from