Chloe Moretz, who is playing Hit Girl in the adaptation of Mark Millar's comic Kick-Ass, has gone back to updating her blog once again with news from the film. Specifically, Moretz talks about going back to London for reshoots, and the issues of fitting a superhero costume for a young girl - namely that she has grown since filming wrapped up in November of last year.

Moretz writes:

Yo Peeps, I'm back for reshoots. I'm still a little bit jet lagged and my feet feel like they are moving when I'm standing still but it's great to be back. We had a great flight on Air New Zealand. It was so much fun. I forgot how cool that airline is. I only slept like 2 hours but I watched several movies and ate. We got into London on Monday and it was a little gray and cold but today was sunny and beautiful. I don't actually start filming until next week but I went out to the studio yesterday to see the producers and for a wardrobe fitting. It was great to see Matthew, Tarquin, David and Adam again. I got to put on my Hit Girl Hero costume and it still fits!!!!!!! Yay! I'm a tad bit taller but not a lot so I can just pick up where I left off. We are going to get to do a couple of really cool scenes that we have not shot yet and will do some minor reshooting on one of my BIG Action scenes. I have not seen any of my cast mates yet though. They will be there next week. We start rehearsals on Monday. I cannot wait! I've been working out every night and doing all of my crunches and push ups so that I can make Hit Girl come to life again. It's soooooooooo much fun to be able to do that character. She requires a lot of me but I LOVE action. It's going to be really great when you guys get to see her in full action. It's truly CRAZY! Nic Cage won't be here for reshoots but Aaron Johnson (Kick Ass), Chris Mintz Plasse (Red Mist) and Mark Strong (Frank) will all be here. We will have a great reunion! I'm going to tour more museums this week. I love the Natural History Museum and my favorite one is The British Museum. I'm currently studying Rome in Ancient Civilizations so I'm pretty sure they will have some pretty great stuff to see that relate to my studies. Wow, I'm so blessed to have this great opportunity to be in London and see all that they have to share with the world.

Kick-Ass follows the story of a 15-year-old boy named Dave Lizewski who, despite living in the "real world", decides to become a superhero. The film was co-written by and is being directed by Matthew Vaughn. The film stars Aaron Johnson, Lyndsy Fonseca, Chloe Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Clark Duke and Nicolas Cage.