This winter, director Luis Prieto delivers one of the most harrowing thrillers of the year. Halle Berry is in a race against time to save the one she loves the most in Kidnap! Today, we have the first exciting trailer, which arrives from Relativity. Will you be able to hold your breath long enough for Halle Berry to come through?

This first trailer made its debut on USA Today. Halle Berry is playing a frantic mother in desperate search for her son. Karla McCoy and her young boy are enjoying a fun trip to the park when Frankie is abducted. This forces Karla to set off on a rescue mission that has her driving in reverse on the highway, swinging a lethal shovel, and uttering the classic Schwarzenegger-like line 'You took the wrong kid!' About this particular scene, Berry says this.

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"That's my Arnold moment. I'm strong with the shovel."

The movie has some strong roots to a campaign Halle Berry launched in 2013, which sought stronger laws preventing paparazzi from stalking celebrity children. The actress even named her new production company after the successful state Senate bill, SB 606. About taking on the role, Halle explains.

"[I was] feeling fiery and determined. [The Story] struck a chord. Being a parent, I understood this in a very visceral way. I play an ordinary mom forced to act in extraordinary ways. I got to put in a little of what Halle Berry would do in this situation. That was fun."

Kidnap revolves entirtely around Karla's mad rush and journey to rescue her endangered son. The actor playing Frankie is the same age as Halle Berry's daughter, which helped the actress get into the role even more. The shoot required Berry to spend weeks inside her character's Chrysler minivan, and she even drove during some of the chases, with a stunt driver helping control some of the spectacular maneuvers from the roof of the van. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura had this to say about getting his leading lady behind the wheel.

"There's a lot of Halle driving here, but that really crazy driving, we left to the professionals. She can kick serious butt out of the car."

As you can see in this first trailer, one of the most challenging scenes required Halle Berry to drive backwards on Louisiana's Huey P. Long Bridge. While the bridge was close, real cars were used in the chase. It was a moment that Halle says made her 'heart leave' her body. Catch all the thrills and drama in this first look sneak peek before the movie hits theaters this December.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange