IGN UK recently sat down with actor Kiefer Sutherland to discuss wrapping up the final season of 24 on TV, but also managed to get some details about screenwriter Billy Ray's script for the 24 movie.

According to Sutherland, screenwriter Billy Ray finished the film's script a couple of weeks ago, with the star planning to read it when he returns to the States. The film will condense the show's 24-hour time-frame into two hours, meaning the plot won't be constrained by geography.

"We've always had to have the situation come to us," he explained. "But now it's feasible to get [Jack Bauer] from Eastern Europe to England [during the movie]."

Sutherland also hinted that the plot will hearken back to season one, with a more insular crisis. "It doesn't have to be a bomb," he continued. "It can be something personal that people understand."

There is currently no indication as to when production will start, but with the script written and Sutherland's schedule now relatively clear, the 24 should be right around the corner.