Quentin Tarantino is teasing the possibility of Kill Bill: Vol. 3, admitting he has an idea in mind should he ever pursue the project. Speaking with Andy Cohen for an interview on Andy Cohen Live, Tarantino revealed he recently spoke with Kill Bill star Uma Thurman and the potential of a third movie, suggesting there's a strong possibility of it happening sometime down the road. When asked directly if there would in fact be a Kill Bill 3, Tarantino had this to say.

"Well, I just so happened to have had dinner with Uma Thurman last night... I do have an idea of what I would do. That was the whole thing, was conquering that concept, exactly what's happened to the bride? And do I want to do? Because I wouldn't want to just come up with some cockamamie adventure. She doesn't deserve that, you know, the bride has fought long and hard. But now I actually have an idea that could be interesting. I wouldn't do it for a little bit. It would be at least three years from now, or something like that, but it is definitely in the cards."
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As for why we wouldn't see Kill Bill 3 anytime soon, Quentin Tarantino explains that he simply won't have the time as his next three years are virtually already mapped out. Though he makes it clear he won't be making another movie, Tarantino reveals he has written a play as well as a five-episode TV series. The filmmaker doesn't elaborate on the specifics of either of these projects, but notes he plans on finishing them first before he fully commits to whatever his next big screen movie will be.

It's certainly worth noting Tarantino has had Kill Bill 3 in the back of his mind for many years. Back in 2004, the filmmaker told Entertainment Weekly he wanted to wait at least fifteen years to continue the story, and as we've just passed that mark, it would appear the timing is right for Tarantino to pursue the sequel. Still, Tarantino has teased multiple possible concepts for a third Kill Bill movie in the years since, but it seems this newest idea is the one he's most excited about. Saying that the movie is "definitely in the cards" is obviously a bold statement, hinting that the long-awaited sequel is finally going to happen for real.

Something else to consider here would be Tarantino's revelation that his tenth movie will be his last before he retires as a filmmaker. If Kill Bill 3 ends up becoming Tarantino's next big screen project, it could very well be the curtain call for his work as a director as well. Similarly, if Tarantino instead directs his planned R-rated Star Trek movie, that could thwart his idea of making another Kill Bill. Of course, plans to retire can always change as well if Tarantino decides he isn't quite finished telling stories yet after the release of his next movie.

Written and directed by Tarantino, Kill Bill: Volume 1 was released in 2003 with its follow-up Kill Bill: Volume 2 arriving in theaters in 2004. Starring Uma Thurman in the lead role, the cast of the samurai movies also includes David Carradine, Lucy Liu, Vivica A. Fox, Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah, Julie Dreyfus, Sonny Chiba, Samuel L. Jackson, and Michael Parks. Together, the movies tell a story of a bride swearing revenge against a team of assassins after they try to kill her and her unborn child.

Though some of his movies are often filled with references to others, Tarantino is not typically known to be a filmmaker who does sequels. The first two Kill Bill movies are essentially one story, and a potential Kill Bill 3 would mark the first time Tarantino has returned to one of his projects years later to continue the story. We'll see if it ever actually happens. This news comes to us from Andy Cohen Live.