Kill Bill: Well, folks. It's official. The powers that be over at Miramax have decided to cut Kill Bill in half. The first will open on October 10th, and the rest of the film has no release date at this time. Word from the suits is that they're talking up to 6 months later for the conclusion (a la the Matrix sequels). Here's the question though... The Matrix sequels were intended to be seen as one long film that was cut in half, now Kill Bill will have to be spliced at what ne would assume will be a key moment half-way through it's 200 minute running time... So are we seeing the return of that long gone Hollywood tradition of "the cliffhanger"?

I don't know about you, but for me, Tarantino has never done me wrong in a cinema... Sure, "Jackie Brown" has some problems, but it was an adaptation. Tarantino stamping his name on someone elses work. Besides, upon repeat viewings, that one'll grow on you. But really. When Tarantino does his thing, it's just... awesome. So. That being said, I'm tempted to say that I'd be willing to sit for the full 200 for my boy QT. Crazy? Perhaps. But I think it's just that giddy sensation I get knowing that Tarantino is going to break the mold again. I mean, come on! A fight scene that has SO MUCH blood splattering around that the director decides to shoot it in blackand white?!!! Genius!

I say give it to us. For Tarantino, we'll stay in our seats.

-Jane Doe