A brand new bar inspired by the movies of Quentin Tarantino has opened in New York City. Ever since the release of Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino has been regarded as one of the true visionaries working in Hollywood. Not only that, but he's the rare breed, especially in the modern moviemaking landscape, that can tell truly original stories, not based on any existing intellectual property, that can also be commercially very successful. With that in mind, this bar is also poised to be a big success.

The new bar, named KillBar after the movie Kill Bill, is the brainchild of owner Michael Galkovich. A self-described fan of Quentin Tarantino, he's provided an environment that will make patrons feel like they've actually walked into the world of the filmmaker's movies. Galkovich had this to say about his new establishment.

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"I am a pretty big Quentin Tarantino fan, as are a lot of other people, he has a cult following. I just wanted to pay homage to him and his works."

One of the major draws comes in the form of art hanging all over the bar, which comes from creative director Amar Stewart. There is a massive painting inspired by Uma Thurman's Kill Bill character, decked out in her signature yellow jumpsuit. Another painting depicts Jamie Foxx on horseback, an homage to Django Unchained. Other art features Samuel L. Jackson's Jules from Pulp Fiction, and the bartop was inspired by Inglourious Basterds. These paintings will be the first in a series of various installations intended to support the bar's Tarantino theme.

KillBar also features a menu complete with cocktails that will tie into the theme, such as the KillBar Moscow Mule, Tarantino Iced Tea, and Bloody Bride mojito. But one of the main attractions is the menu, which features a wide array of items themed around several of the director's most famous works. The menu includes Big Kahuna sliders and Jack Rabbit Slim milkshakes, in honor of Pulp Fiction, Hateful Eight Wings, which, per the name, come with eight different dipping sauces, and Death Proof, named for Tarantino's half of his Grindhouse collaboration with Robert Rodriguez. Maybe they'll cook something up for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood when it comes out later this year?

Those who visit KillBar will see the filmmaker's movies played on various projections throughout the establishment, and they will be screening full movies on Mondays. For those who live in, or will be visiting New York City in the near future, the 2000-square-foot bar is located at 82 S. 4th St. Though, it only seats 41, so things may be a bit cramped. Feel free to check out some of the paintings and artwork that will be on display at KillBar, which we've got located below. This news was previously reported by Patch.