All you kids go play nice with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The real men will be in the other room watching...Killer Pinata! Oh, if only we could take such a wonderfully titled movie so seriously. But alas, this is another goofy horror comedy that reaches new heights in weirdness. Though it looks like it was shot on an old inner tube, and cost about $17 to make, it also looks like a lot of fun. Here's the ghoulishly simple synopsis that makes us wonder why someone hasn't thought of this sooner.

"A possessed piñata, seeking to avenge the savagery that humanity has inflicted on his kind, picks off a group of friends, one by one, in an unending night of terror."

That sounds like the perfect premise for a cheapie horror movie, if only it wasn't so absolutely ridiculous. This truely terrifying work of genius hails from Megan Macmanus and Stephen Tramontana from a story by Nick Weeks, which is fitting as it only took a couple of 'weeks' to shoot! The trio go all the way with their idea, and leave no piñata unspilled and no guts left lingering inside the nearest human casualty.

Writer Stephen Tramontana, whose name could be an anagram for the infamous Troma studios, also directed this low-brow micro-budget horror show. It's his first movie in over a decade, having previously directed Grindhouse way back in 2003, before Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's movie of the same title gave the genre its resurgence. You could say the team behind Killer Pinata is before their time. Grindhouse had an equally cruel and unique premise. It is one of the few horror movies ever set in what is called the second Great Depression, beating The Purge to the punch by a few years. It follows two criminals whose kidnapping-gone-wrong sparks a series of frightening events.

Killer Pinata isn't the kind of movie that screams night out at the theater by any means, which means you'll be able to watch it at home soon enough. Here's what we can expect from the home release courtesy of Horror Society, with the movie scheduled to hit sometime in early 2017.

"Special Edition BluRay will feature Deleted/Alternate scenes, commentary, and bloopers. Also pre-order the BluRay (or VHS edition) and get a free limited edition poster (while supplies last) only at The film will also be available on DVD and Vimeo On Demand with a wider VOD release coming early 2017."

Some early reviews for Killer Pinata have come in. Brutal as Hell call it 'utterly retarted' and 'so stupid it's smart'. The folks at Random Amazon say it's 'Just over the top enough to be awesome'. And we say 'Sure to be the horror phenomenon you didn't know you needed in 2017!' Get your first bloody taste of Killer Pinata with the poster and trailer here.

Killer Pinata Poster
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange