When a scientist runs short of funding for his life-saving medical Bio-Printing research, he accepts an offer of investment from a shadowy military organization. In return, he is forced to use his technology to create the ultimate battlefield weapon. A full size Tyrannosaurus Rex! After a horrific accident in which the dinosaur massacres his research team, the scientist shuts down the project. However, his investors demand results and it can only be a matter of time before the deadly T-Rex is unleashed upon the world.

Today, we bring you the thrilling first trailer for KillerSaurus! We also have the great poster for this sci-fi shlockfest, which teases a beast that is part human, part dinosaur and all soldier. Will Professor Peterson and his team of scientists and soldiers be able to stop the deadly Killersaurus before it's too late? Or will this terrifying beast destroy everyone before being unleashed upon the world at large?

KillerSaurus boasts a cast of up and coming talent both in front of and behind the camera. Steven Dolton leads the fray as Professor Peterson, starring alongside Julian Boote, Adam Collins, Helen Crevel, Vicki Glover, Kenton Hall and Marc Hamill. Steve Lawson directs the movie from his own script.

Steve Lawson launched his career with the indie thriller Insiders back in 2002. He is known for such cult favorites as The Silencer and Nocturnal Activity. Following the release of KillerSaurus, Lawson will also be releasing the action horror thriller Survival Instinct later this year. That movie takes its cue from classic survival-thrillers such as Duel and Deliverance, delivering a fast-paced edge-of-your seat thriller with a strong female lead and a plausible, morally-ambiguous villain.

KillerSaurus makes its debut on DVD September 27 from Wild Eye Releasing. You can get a first look at the terrifying monster in this first look teaser. And trust us, it's pretty scary! The thriller arrives as a nice alternative to the Oscar season fare that will be playing at theaters this fall. Take a look courtesy of Wild Eye.

Killersaurus poster
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange