Possession: According to MovieHole, Kim Basinger is tipped for the lead role in Possession, a new supernatural thriller to be directed by Stuart Baird.

In the film, Basinger would play Alex, the attractive mother of a boy who tragically dies in a car crash. After his bereavement, she starts to have some rather freakish psychic experiences.

Unable to call on anyone else, Alex seeks the help of a medium, but they refuse to continue, terrified of something - but unwilling to say of what. By this stage, the dead son is more and more present, pleading “Help me, Mother”. Alex comes to the grasp that she has to dig up her son’s past and find out what it could be that he’s referring to.

The film is based on a book of the same name by author Peter James. It’s believed Hayden Christensen is in talks for the role of the dead son, Fabian Hightower, and Colin Firth has also been contacted about playing a role.

Thanks to 'Clint'