Tyler Perry is moving forward on his next directorial feature, the comedic drama The Marriage Counselor, which has just nabbed reality sweetheart Kim Kardashian in a costarring role.

Not much of a departure for Tyler Perry, The Marriage Counselor revolves around Judith, a slick Ivy-league educated advice expert played by Jurnee Smollett. Unhappy, and bored with her own marriage, Judith goes against her own code of conduct and cheats on her husband with a smooth talking player that comes to her seeking relationship guidance. Realizing she has made a huge mistake, she enlists the help of her friend Ava to give her a makeover and new confidence as her life unravels.

Kim Kardashian will play Ava, her most substantial role in film thus far. The non-actress was previously seen in the spoof Disaster Movie and in the Chris Pratt cult comedy Deep in the Valley.

Tyler Perry begins shooting The Marriage Counselor this week, starting October 26th, in his home base of Atlanta.