HBO's Entourage will debut its seventh and final season on July 24. One of the show's stars has plans to move behind the camera after the series comes to a close. Kevin Connolly recently revealed he wants to produce and direct a biopic about mixed martial artist Kevin 'Kimbo Slice' Ferguson. Here's what Kevin Connolly had to say below.

"I'm trying to get the Kimbo Slice story made. I have his life rights, we have a script that's great. It's out and about, and the powers that be are trying to put the money together."

It isn't known who wrote the screenplay, although Kimbo Slice sat down with the writer to provide more insight into his life. Kevin Connolly also indicated he wants Kimbo Slice to play himself.

"Kimbo Slice is known as one of the first YouTube celebrities. He was the first person I ever sat in front of a computer and typed somebody's name into YouTube. His fights ended up on the internet, his backyard fights, and he all of the sudden...became this celebrity."

Kimbo Slice was a bodyguard for a Miami porn company who decided to videotape his backyard fights and air them on YouTube. He became one of the first YouTube celebrities, which lead him all the way to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The biopic will also delve into his personal life, including a period where he lived in his car.