A biopic about the life of Kimbo Slice is currently being developed that will tell his story from street brawler to professional MMA competitor. The Kimbo Slice Movie, which is tentatively being called Kimbo, is a biopic that will look back at the fighter's eventful life story, from his early days as strip-club bouncer and porn studio bodyguard to becoming one of the first major viral YouTube stars as a backyard brawler on the streets of Miami, and then using that fame to propel him into fighting professionally in both MMA and boxing, until his untimely death at just 42-years-old. The intriguing story behind Kimbo Slice and his life life is being brought to the big screen by producers Steve Lee Jones and Andy and Michael Weiss.

Deadline reports that the biopic detailing Kimbo Slice's life is currently in development and that Simon Brand (Default, Paraiso Trave) is set to direct the script by Andy Weiss (Middle Men). Simon Brand had this to say about the project.

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"Those who only knew Kimbo by viewing his brawls saw him as fierce and frightening beast of a man, but those close to him experienced his heart of gold, and that he used his fists and instruments to raise his family out of poverty, he was a loyal friend and devoted father. Kimbo's story transcends the ring, it is a story about the power of the internet, the lengths one will go to break out of desperation and it is a success story shared with his longtime friend turned manager and adult entertainment magnate Michael Imber as they both emerge from the slums of Miami."

A biopic about the life of Kimbo Slice has been asked for repeatedly by fans, so it's not a surprise to see that the project is moving forward now. Slice's life story is practically tailor-made for the big screen.

Born Kevin Ferguson, Kimbo Slice was born in Nassau, Bahamas and relocated to Florida when he was a child. He was a star linebacker in high school and later went to the University of Miami on an athletic scholarship. Slice tried out for the Miami Dolphins and was a part of their pre-season squad, but did not end up making the team. Before becoming Kimbo Slice, he worked as a bouncer at a strip club and then later as a driver and body guard for the porn company, Reality Kings.

Kimbo Slice rose to stardom when a number of his backyard fights were published on YouTube and quickly went viral. Kimbo Slice became an overnight sensation and the world of combat sports would never be the same. In 2007, he was booked in his first MMA exhibition match after the world called for him to test his skills against fellow fighters inside the cage. Slice wasn't the best MMA fighter, but proved to be better in boxing after his short-lived MMA career.

Kimbo Slice was a cult hero for many when he sadly passed away at the young age of 42 from heart failure. The fighter is still celebrated today for his story as well as his heart of gold. He used his fists to raise his family out of poverty and was a loyal friend and devoted father to his 6 children. There has been no release date set, but you can read further about the Kimbo Slice biopic at Deadline.