It's the sequel no one knew they wanted, but are getting anyway! Yes, action icon and certified genius Dolph Lundgren is back and he's ready to take over the classroom. Kindergarten Cop 2 is coming this summer, and we have your first look at the trailer, courtesy of EW.

Throughout his four decade career, international superstar Dolph Lundgren has never faced a threat quite like this. Forget all those evil mercenaries he's had to square off against over the years. Because these young children just might be his undoing. The The Expendables star is taking over the Arnold Schwarzenegger role in this follow-up to the 1990 smash hit Kindergarten Cop, which helped solidify Arnie's ability to be a comedy lead, and might just do the same for Dolph Lundgren, who's sense of humor has always shined in interviews and on the red carpet.

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In Kindergarten Cop 2, Dolph Lundgren stars as an FBI agent who has been assigned to hunt down sensitive stolen data. This means he must go undercover as a kindergarten teacher. Not always the most happy fellow, the gruff, by-the-numbers Agent Reed finds himself taking on not only a rowdy class full of kids, but also the school's liberal, politically correct environment. Here is the official synopsis.

"Kindergarten Cop grossed over $200 million worldwide and has been entertaining audiences of all ages. In this exciting reboot, we introduce a unique blend of humor and action to the next generation of viewers, as well as share a reimagined version of the story with longtime fans who have made this an enduring family favorite."

Kindergarten Cop celebrated its 25th Anniversary last year. The movie is set to hit DVD and Digital HD on May 17. The release arrives with deleted scenes, a gag reel, and the special featurette Kindergarten Cop 2: Undercover. Just face it, you need to see this movie!

Kindergarten Cop 2 comes from Universal's 1440 Entertainment division, which specializes in direct-to-video sequels and remakes. Their other works include Jarhead 3: The Siege, The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power, and Beethoven's Treasure Tail. Don Michael Paul is directing the action comedy from a script by David H. Steinberg. Bill Bellamy also stars. In this action comedy, Dolph Lundgren will get an Indian sidekick named Sanjit. The pair team up to take down the bad guys, who are described as Albanians. Take a look at the first trailer. Is this everything you ever wanted in Kindergarten Cop 2?