Most actors no doubt have that one movie in their back catalogue that they would love another go at. Well, one such actor is The Gentlemen star Charlie Hunnam, who has recently stated that the movie from his past that he would relish another crack at is 2017's King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

"I'd like to go back to King Arthur because there's a lot of things went wrong during that and a lot of things that were out of our control. I just don't think we ended up matching the aspiration - we just didn't quite make the movie we wanted. The idea was that if it was a success, we would've made several of those films, and I'm really captivated by the Arthurian legends and I just feel like we really missed an opportunity to tell a long-form story."
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The actor sounds very disappointed with what the final movie ended up being, and confirms that the eventual goal was to follow-up the first movie with sequels and even start a franchise for Warner Bros. Sadly the Guy Ritchie directed movie ended up being both a critical and commercial failure, which resulted in all future plans being scrapped.

Though what all of those things are that went wrong behind the scenes remains a mystery, Hunnam does offer a little clarity on one of the specific elements that hurt the movie.

"There was a piece of miscasting that ended up crippling the central storyline. It's actually not in the film anymore."

Though Charlie Hunnam does not identify who he is referring to with this 'miscasting', it certainly sounds like it was very detrimental to King Arthur's proceedings, even resulting in an entire plot point being removed due to the need for extensive cuts. This is not the first time we have heard about King Arthur: Legend of the Sword being chopped up in the editing room, as director Guy Ritchie has previously stated that the original cut was over three hours long, with the movie losing an hour by the time it hit cinemas.

In the end, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword was much maligned by critics, ranking at only 31 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, with audiences not being much kinder. The movie also only made $148.7 million at the box office, resulting in a loss of around $150 million. So it is no surprise that the studio shut the door on any future endeavours involving the Arthurian legend. Still, Hunnam certainly sounds passionate about the project, so maybe he should be given another chance to bring Arthur to life sometime in the near future.

For now you can see Hunnam once again teaming up with director Guy Ritchie for The Gentlemen which is in cinemas now. Check out the entire interview below.