Arnold Swartzenegger seems to be on the verge of making a huge comeback. With the release of Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines, many projects are waiting to see how well Arnold fairs with audiences before proceeding to the next step. Take a look at today's scoops.

King Conan:TheArnoldFans have picked up on a scoop that has fans upset. It seems the company that owns the rights to the next Conan movie are now shopping the idea of a younger Conan story, which will leave director John Milius and Arnold in the dust.

Turning their backs on Conan fans everywhere, Paradox is now continuing to shop around their new pitch for a younger Conan movie! How can this be? King Conan is about an old retired barbarian king - forced to go into one of his final bloodiest battles ever! This calls for a man of Arnold's age and only Schwarzenegger can play Conan. He IS Conan and Miliusis our Crom!

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Total Recall 2:Dark Horizons has scored yet another scoop regarding the big Arnold comeback. Here's what a scooper had to say about Total Recall 2:

"I recently worked on an independent feature which actor **** is appearing in. Needless to say I did have the odd conversation to **** on-set, especially about Total Recall. He told me they're doing a sequel - or playing with the idea - and he's already had brief chats to Dimension about reprising his character. The deal is - from what I understand - the entire cast of the first film will be reprising their roles. He had no idea about storyline yet, and either do I needless to say, but from the sounds of it, the events of the first film might have very well been an all a dream - especially if all the original leads are back. One thing he did say - and sounds reasonable - is that "Total Recall 2" is purely dependent on how well T3 does for Arnie".

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