King Kong: According to The Daily Telegraph, filming is due to start next month on Jackson's remake of King Kong and work is two-thirds finished on a state-of-the-art $NZ12 million ($A10.95 million) sound stage in the Wellington suburb of Miramar.

Just next to the sound stage, a monster-sized "blue screen" has been built out of freight containers, more than 10m high, to create an outside "backlot".

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A ship inside the backlot is a near full-sized model of the Manuia berthed at nearby Miramar wharf. Both ships will become Jackson's version of the SS Venture, the ship that took the great ape from Skull Island to New York.

A 10m-high wall of King Kong-sized building blocks has gone up to create a backdrop for Peter Jackson's latest $NZ200 million ($A182.49 million) movie.

The original 1933 King Kong, with its 15m ape and star Fay Wray, is regarded by some critics as the greatest and most famous classic adventure-fantasy film.

Late last year Jackson said that, because the film would be set in the 1930s, to create the period it would be easier to shoot about 80 per cent of the film at his Miramar studios. Some of the natural locations, including King Kong's home, Skull Island, would also be shot at the studios.