King Kong:Kong Is have poted a great new video clip from the official production diary of the cast and crew of Peter Jackson's upcoming remake of King Kong.

The clip features some very in depth previsualization work on the film with animatics of the arrival of the characters on 'Skull Island'...

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Now THIS is something I've been waiting for! No, not Naomi in a dress (well...kinda), previsualization shots! Previsualization or 'previs' for short is an animation or drawing detailing the shot movements a given scene the director wants accomplished. In this day and age all this is done on the computer, and PJ gives us an AMAZING glimpse at the 'approach to Skull Island' scene on the computer. Be sure to catch PJ in his motion capture suit (reminding me of the Star Wars Kid). Also take note of Adrien Brody and Naomi Watts tongue-firmly-in-cheek re-creation of PJ's animation...classic!

CLICK HERE for the video from day 27 of the production!