King Kong:Coming Soon! recently got word from a reader about the current production of the set pieces being produced by Universal for Peter Jackson's upcoming remake of King Kong...

Just wanted to let you know that filming for King Kong has started on the Universal backlot, as of yesterday. While I was roaming around, I was able to see all the trailers for the cast. I wasn't aware that they had got back from New Zealand to film, so it may also be that they are filming some exteriors. New York st. has been decorated to look 1930's. The crew was tearing down a section of buildings to be replaced with 1930's New York looks. Mostly they were only replacing the top of the buildings. I got to see PJ's trailer, as it said "PJ" on the door. Other decorations included broken telephone poles, phone booths, exposed wires everywhere, and blocks of concrete.
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Principal photography is scheduled to begin in New Zealand this August.