The Good

Even with the scenes that have a laugh track, this show is still really good.

The Bad

No Extras at all.

I love this show.

The chemistry between Doug Heffernan (Kevin James), Carrie Heffernan (Leah Remini) and Arthur Spooner (Jerry Stiller), is still here in this sixth season. The best way to describe the King of Queens in this installment would be change. This season begins with Doug being in better shape than we have ever seen him, and the story angle is what kicks of this three disc set in the two parter "Doug Less." Other episodes see Doug pretending to be a lawyer in "Affidavit Justice," coming to terms with why Carrie makes all the decisions in "Dougie Houser" and in "FOE: PA" Doug has to return a runaway (Arthur) after Carrie hurts his feelings.

Sure, at this point in the sixth season the cast of King of Queens had things down to a well worn science, but the formula works and it continues to work which is why this show had two more seasons after this one and is still on the air.


No Extras came with this DVD.


Full Screen - 1.33:1. This show is a sitcom so the look doesn't really go against anything that we haven't traditionally seen. The colors are all bright (except when things are outside and for some reason they get darker) with the lighting not being utilized for anything else than to show people their lives. I have always been impressed with the way these shows look on DVD, and this three disc set keeps everything sparkling as always.


Dolby Digital. English Stereo. Mastered in High Definition. Close Captioned. I think it is a mix of the actors knowing these characters, their medium and the material, that makes the sound come off as good as it does here. The audio isn't anything perfect, we're not getting a Brian De Palma film, but this show puts across all the jokes with an uneasiness that makes them translate very well to the small screen and DVD.


The cast of the King of Queens is smiling at us in this picture, with a shot of the neighborhood behind them. The colors have been heightened in this cover image so that it looks like it was painted. The back gives us some pictures from the show, as well as what seem like promo shots of the cast. There is a description of what this sixth season has in store and some technical specs. The three discs unfold from this packaging, giving us more images from the show both on the artwork itself and the discs. Also, there is a separate piece of artwork that lists out all the episodes and gives descriptions of each one. Typical packaging, but very economical.

Final Word

Whenever I watch this show, I can't believe that I never kept up with it when it was on TV. Also, seeing a show like this makes me wonder if we don't have too many things vying for our attention. I say that because I don't think the King of Queens is as much of an institution as it should be. The comedy is sharp, the performances are solid, and it just doesn't seem to get the same respect as other shows like Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond. Truthfully, this show isn't on the same level as Seinfeld (what show is?), but it is certainly as funny and as entertaining as Everybody Loves Raymond. Who knows, maybe because this show seems so simple and effortless that could be why it is respected but not beloved.

For this born again TV watcher, King of Queens: The Complete Sixth Season is as good as good TV gets.

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