Kingsman 2 is finally starting to come together as 20th Century Fox prepares for a 2016 start date. The main villain has been cast, and it's none other than Academy Award winning actress Julianne Moore. She will be paired with returning cast member Taron Egerton, who is set to reprise his role as Eggsy from the original 2015 smash hit Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Matthew Vaughn, who directed the first chapter in the continuing franchise, will be back to helm this latest adventure. The story will continue to follow wayward tough Eggsy as he moves from the wrong side of the tracks of London to become a suave and sophisticated special agent. The original story took place in the U.K., but rumor claims the action is moving to the United States this time around.

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While there were rumors that Colin Firth may return in some form, despite being dispatched in the original, he is not expected to return. There were originally plans to bringing him back via a flashback or a twin brother, but those ideas have been discarded, with the series focusing on Eggsy as the main protagonist. At this time, there are no details about Julianne Moore's villain character.

While Julianne Moore is currently in talks, it is said that the actress is currently trying to juggle a multitude of projects. She is currently set to star in Todd Haynes' adaptation of the kids' book Wonderstruck. Scheduling conflicts are expected to be an obstacle. The same thing happened with star Taron Egerton, who is also set to headline Robin Hood: Origins. Kingsman 2 had the young up and coming star under contract first, so it will go into production before Robin Hood: Origins, which was originally scheduled to shoot around the same time.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is gearing up for a May start date. The production will last throughout the summer. The movie will arrive in 2017. No other cast members have been confirmed at this time. Despite begin a respected dramatic actress, Julianne Moore is no stranger to genre fare. She is just coming off a role in the two-part The Hunger Games: Mockingjay as President Alma Coin.