20th Century Fox kicked off their Hall H panel at Comic-Con with an unexpected surprise, a new animated short film that brings together the worlds of Kingsman: The Golden Circle and the hit FXX animated series Archer. The animated short features the voices of both Taron Egerton as Eggsy and Archer star H. Jon Benjamin as Sterling Archer, the "world's greatest spy." The short is produced in the same animation style as Archer, set in London with Eggsy making a daring escape through the streets of London, before returning to Kingsman headquarters, where he finds the one and only Sterling Archer.

The short debuted on 20th Century Fox YouTube just as the Kingsman 2 Comic-Con panel kicked off today in Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center. Eggsy returns to Kingsman HQ, finding Archer trying on a new suit, asking if they have any suits that don't have a "British cut" since he looks like Twiggy. As always, Sterling Archer introduces himself as the "world's greatest spy," with Eggsy telling him that he probably shouldn't introduce himself as a spy, with Archer offering a retort of, "Then what's the point of being one?" Archer then proceeds to make fun of Eggsy's thick glasses, before Eggsy notices that Archer has a stockpile of weapons on the ground.

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When Eggsy asks where he got all those weapons, Archer proceeds to show him the "super-cool secret room," which Eggsy tells Archer is available for Kingsman only, which Archer responds to with one of his classic pop culture references, stating, "The guys who sang Louie Louie?" Of course, Archer was referring to the music group known as The Kingsmen, not an elite group of British spies, but by this point, Eggsy is irritated enough to pull his gun on Archer, who does the same, only aiming his gun square at Eggsy's genitals. Eggsy decides to settle this squabble with an old-fashioned drinking contest, as we see Eggsy slip some sort of powder into Archer's glass, although that wasn't even necessary. Before Eggsy can finish explaining the rules, Archer, in true Archer fashion, downs the entire bottle of liquor, proclaiming victory before passing out.

The animated short ends with Eggsy mentioning that, if this is "what passes for the world's greatest spy in America," he may need to go "teach them a lesson." But, before he can proceed to teach American spies a lesson, he decides to draw a "knob" on Archer's face. While it seems unlikely that there will be any actual connection to Sterling Archer or the hit series Archer in Kingsman 2, the story does in fact center on Eggsy heading to America, after the Kingsman HQ was destroyed. Both Eggsy and Merlin (Mark Strong) team up with their American counterparts, known as the Statesman, whose headquarters are hidden within a Kentucky distillery.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle also brings back original Kingsman: The Golden Circle stars Sophie Cookson, Edward Holcroft and, of course, Colin Firth, whose Harry Hart character was seemingly killed at the end of Kingsman: The Secret Service, although it seems that he is actually alive and well, although minus one eye. The sequel also introduces plenty of new characters including Julianne Moore as the villainous Poppy, Halle Berry as Ginger, and several of the Statesman characters including Jeff Bridges as Agent Champange, Channing Tatum as Agent Tequila and Pedro Pascal as Agent Whiskey. Take a look at this hilarious animated short that brings the worlds of Kingsman and Archer together.