As we reported last month, up and coming actor Taron Egerton was caught up in a scheduling issue between his next two movies, the sequel Kingsman 2 and the reboot Robin Hood: Origins. But that schedule has gotten a nice, tidy scrub as Kingsman 2 exercises its option to use the actor first. This means that Robin Hood: Origins is getting delayed, and its release date will be pushed.

Taron Egerton became a much sought after talent following his appearance in this year's spy adventure Kingsman: The Secret Service. Soon after that film dropped at the beginning of this year, going onto become a blockbuster and a fan favorite, every studio in town turned their eye towards the young man. And it was Robin Hood: Origins who came calling, placing him in the lead.

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But as it turns out, Kingsman: The Secret Service was such an unexpected hit, 20th Century Fox, in desperate search of a franchise, has decided to move swiftly in getting the sequel up and running. The original film pulled in $128.2 million at the domestic box office off a $81 million budget. The worldwide tally currently rests at $412 million. The film was directed, produced and financed by Matthew Vaughn and distributed by Fox. MARV Films, Matthew Vaughn's banner, has first dibs on Taron Egerton, who will reprise his role as super spy Eggsy, and they plan on shooting the next Kingsman in April 2016.

Robin Hood: Origins had planned to shoot in February. While some involved in the production of both movies felt the scheduling could be worked out, there was no way for the actor to finish his reboot in time for the sequel. And Matthew Vaughn didn't hesitate to exercise his option on the actor, with Kingsman 2 moving forward no matter what. Some wondered if Robin Hood: Origins might recast Taron Egerton altogether.

That isn't happening though. Instead, Robin Hood: Origins will shoot with Taron Egerton as soon as Kingsman 2 wraps. That will likely happen at the end of summer 2016. This means that Taron Egerton's winter slot is now open.

He may not be down for long, though. THR reports that the indie crime drama Crooks County may shoot sooner than expected, now that Taron Egerton has some free time. That story follows the true tale of a whistle blower who gets involved in an undercover FBI operation during the 1980s in Cook County, Illinois. The incident results in the largest number of government official convictions in U.S. history. The script comes from Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly.

Taron Egerton will next be seen in the Olympics true-life drama Eddie the Eagle starring opposite Hugh Jackman. He was last seen in the true-life crime drama Legend starring opposite Tom Hardy. Fans seem quite anxious to see another chapter in the Kingsman saga, which will introduce an American Kingsman agency in the next chapter. Neither Kingsman 2 nor Robin Hood: Origins have a set release date at this time. Both are expected in 2017, but neither may open until 2018. Which Taron Egerton project are you most excited to see next?