Be warned, if you didn't watch Kingsman: The Secret Service this weekend, there will be a BIG SPOILER below, so read on at your own risk. Even though the adaptation of Mark Millar's comic book came in second place to box office juggernaut Fifty Shades of Grey, Kingsman: The Secret Service still took in an impressive $35.6 million over the weekend. While a sequel hasn't been officially green lit by 20th Century Fox yet, writer-director Matthew Vaughn revealed in an interview with USA Today that Colin Firth's Harry Hart may still come back for the follow-up. The SPOILERS begin now, so here's your last chance to stop reading.

Towards the end of Kingsman: The Secret Service, Harry Hart takes out numerous adversaries in a church, who are all affected by technology invented by the nefarious Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson), which lowers inhibitions and creates incredibly violent behavior. Sadly, at the end of this scene, Valentine kills Harry Hart, as his protege Eggsy (Taron Egerton) watches from afar on a computer monitor. When asked about the potential for a sequel, Matthew Vaughn said he's working on ideas that could bring Harry Hart back from the dead.

"A lot of people are very upset that Colin might not be in the sequel but I'm coming up with ideas at the moment. If people buy tickets in America, I've got a feeling we'll figure out a way for having Colin back."

Matthew Vaughn also teased that, even if Harry Hart does come back, the sequel will still focus on Taron Egerton's Eggsy, and his transition as the "modern-day gentleman spy."

"The sequel will be 'This is the modern-day gentleman spy.' Because Harry isn't. Harry even says, 'There is a reason why we've developed weak chins.' He said that meaning, 'Look at us, we need to get new blood into this system,' and that's what Eggsy is. I joke that we've made the prequel to the Eggsy movie."

While we have no official word on whether or not Kingsman 2 is actually happening, Matthew Vaughn certainly seems to be trying to bring this project to life. It remains unclear if he will be back to direct or write the sequel at this time, but given the early box office success of Kingsman: The Secret Service, the sequel could become a top priority for 20th Century Fox. Would you like to see Colin Firth's Harry Hart come back? Or would you rather see Taron Egerton's Eggsy be the main focus? Let us know what you think, and stay tuned for more updates on Kingsman 2.