San Diego Comic-Con 2017 is in full swing! Preview night kicked things off, but today is the day that the event really starts heating up. 20th Century Fox, one of the three major movie studios presenting at the convention this weekend, held the first big Hall H presentation and brought the house down with a ton of new footage from Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The footage was not released online, but the studio was kind enough to release the brand new trailer for all to see, even giving R-Rated and PG-13 rated versions of the footage. Fear not! We have descriptions of all three scenes, plus some other new details about the highly-anticipated sequel that were revealed. And as you may have seen, it all kicked off with a cool animated short that had Eggsy bumping into Archer from the hit animated FX spy comedy, which you can check out below.

Fox clearly has a ton of confidence in Kingsman 2 and wanted to get people talking about it. They could have presented movies like Deadpool 2, New Mutants, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, The Predator and many other upcoming movies, but instead, they gave their entire hour over to the Kingsman. To kick things off, they played a major action sequence from early on in the movie that brings back Edward Holcroft's character from Kingsman: The Secret Service. His character Charlie was one of the recruits that didn't make the cut. Here's the description of the action-packed scene, courtesy of the Coming Soon live blog from SDCC.

"That was very cool! The scene begins with Taron Edgerton's Eggsy leaving the Kingsman HQ one night. He's met out front by a hooded stranger with a gun. Except it turns out not to be a stranger. It's Edward Holcroft's Charlie from the first film. He forces Eggsy at gunpoint to unlock his car. Eggsy manages shove him into the car and the driver takes off as the pair battle in the back. The door get nearly ripped off as they move rapidly through the streets of London. At one point, Charlie nearly falls out of the car, but he manages to catch himself, revealing a robot hand that gets its fake flesh shredded off as it rubs against the asphalt. Eggsy gets knocked out of the car, but he grabs the door, which comes off completely. Eggsy winds up riding it like a sled, trailing behind the car, which is now being pursued by several additional vehicles. He manages to climb up the back of the car as it moves and opens the trunk, leaping inside just as another car slams the first. Charlie is still in the back of the car and Eggsy, using a knife, cuts his way through the backseat and attacks him. Eggsy tries to use a knife-boot, but Charlie knocks the blade off, hitting the driver in the neck. Eggsy finally manages to duck at the right moment and the car crashes, sending Charlie hurling through the windshield. Shooken, Eggsy gets to the driver's seat and takes off with several cars pursuing. Speaking with Merlin, Eggsy manages to get London traffic cleared for him. Racing through the streets, he lures the other cars into Hyde Park where he's able to launch missiles and blow them up. Unfortunately, now the police are arriving and the only escape for Eggsy is driving into a lake where a hidden entrance is located. 'I don't even have a windscreen,' says Eggsy to Merlin. 'As I recall, you're quite good at holding your breath.' Eggsy drives into the water, disappearing just as the cops arrive. His car drives to a underground entrance and, once inside, an airlock drains of all the excess water."

Some very serious James Bond vibes from Kingsman: The Golden Circle so far. No complaints here. Though, Kingsman 2 is going to feature a whole lot of the Statesman, who are the American equivalent of the Kingsman. The second clip that was played teased the introduction of Channing Tatum's Statesman character, who doesn't give an overly warm welcome to Eggsy and Merlin.

"This clip introduces Channing Tatum's Statesman character! Merlin and Eggsy are in Kentucky, touring a Statesman Whiskey distillery. They break away from a tour and make their way to door that Eggsy is able to unlock with his watch. Inside are giant barrels of whiskey, but Merlin says that there's something underneath of them. 'And if my calculations are correct,' he says, 'This should be the way in!' He takes an axe to one of the barrels, but he is mistake. Whiskey begins to pour out from the hole Merlin made. Merlin puts his hand over it, stopping the flow of whiskey, but someone is approaching. It's Channing Tatum. He's in a cowboy hat and has a shotgun. He's very dubious about Merlin and Eggsy. A fight breaks out and Merlin is instantly knocked out. Even Eggsy has trouble fighting. Tatum finally grabs Eggsy's watch and sets it to stun, turning it on Eggsy himself. 'Who are you?' he asks as he passes out."

We know based on the trailers that the gentleman eventually sort this business out and team up in order to take on a new threat, who actually wipes out the Kingsman headquarters. That threat is The Golden Circle; an evil organization headed up by Julianne Moore's evil bad lady, who at this point is simply known as Poppy. The third and final clip from the Kingsman 2 panel centered on her character and she sounds ruthless. And it also sounds like her scenes won't be good for those with a weak stomach.

"Poppy is the leader of the world's biggest drug cartel. She lives at a remote compound in the jungle. Amongst 'technically undiscovered' ruins, Poppy has built a base filled with building that echo classic America. In the center is Poppy's Diner. She's sitting with two men. One is a member of the Golden Circle and other is a man who he's trying to recruit. Poppy's not happy, though. She says that the Golden Circle guy screwed up. 'Put him in the grinder,' she tells the other man. Terrified, the first guy starts to run. Poppy whistles, though, and calls forth two terrifying robotic dogs that snap at the man, sending him back. The new guy punches his friend in the face and throws him over his shoulder. Screaming, the guy goes head first into the meat grinder. This pleases Poppy. She tells the new recruit to go get his makeover at the salon. There, the man's fingerprints are removed and he's given a Golden Circle tattoo: a circle on his chest filled with actual gold. When he's done, he returns to Poppy, who has something waiting for him. It's a burger. Seeing his friend still half-in the grinder, the guy manages to eat a bite and swallow it, much to Poppy's delight."

Director Matthew Vaughn, who couldn't attend the panel because he is busy finishing Kingsman: The Golden Circle, isn't one to pull punches and this scene is proof of that. Kind of sounds like this dude might be eating a human burger. So that's gross but also kind of awesome.

Even though Matthew Vaughn couldn't make it, Taron Egerton, Channing Tatum, Colin Firth, Jeff Bridges, Pedro Pascal and Halle Berry all joined screenwriter Jane Goldman and original Kingsman comic artist Dave Gibbons on stage to present Kingsman: The Golden Circle to the SDCC crowd. Gibbons even sketched a photo of Egerton as Eggsy, which was given to a lucky person in the crowd. The cast also signed Eggsy's orange jacket from the trailer and gave it away to someone. They were aiming to please.

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In terms of other information that was revealed, we did get some character details. Halle Berry's character is essentially Merlin's Statesman counterpart. Her name is, get ready for this, Ginger Ale. Jeff Bridges also revealed that his character is going to be named Champagne, or "Champ." He drinks but "does not swallow," because he's worried about his potential addiction to the booze. So, the Statesman are all named after drinks? How quirky. Colin Firth couldn't say much about Harry's return because, according to him, anything he says would be a spoiler. Channing Tatum also divulged what the Statesman requirements are and they are a little bit less rigid than the Kingsman.

"Gotta be able to drink and fight...yeah...that's about it."

20th Century Fox uploaded some pictures from the Kingsman 2 panel, which include Halle Berry chugging a huge cup of whiskey. San Diego Comic-Con can do that to an Oscar winning actress. Kingsman: The Golden Circle is set for release on September 22. Be sure to check out all of the photos from the San Diego Comic-Con presentation for yourself below.

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