In a shocking move, director Matthew Vaughn has announced his plans to seriously expand the Kingsman franchise with three more movies on the way, and also a TV series to be based on the British spy series. These movies will be part of Vaughn's expansion of his production company, Marv.

The first movie announced, that a number of fans already expected, is Kingsman 3. Technically, this movie had already been announced about a year ago, but many people were doubtful that it would ever come to be. This confirmation from Matthew Vaughn casts out that doubt, and is certainly a bit of exciting news for fans of the franchise. According to Vaughn, Kingsman 3 will be "the conclusion of the Harry Hart-Eggsy relationship." Actor Colin Firth has previously confirmed that he would be open to returning to the franchise should another sequel occur, so there will hopefully be no bumps in the road for this project.

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The second Kingsman movie announced is Kingsman: The Great Game. According to Vaughn, this will be a prequel / spin-off that will take place during the 1900s, showing an entirely different era for the spy organization. According to Vaughn, Kingsman: The Great Game will shoot back-to-back with Kingsman 3. Theoretically, this spin-off will work like Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and the current Star Wars spin-offs by exploring different time periods that we never thought to explore in a popular franchise.

The third Kingsman movie announced by Matthew Vaughn is one that has been rumored since the release of Kingsman: The Golden Circle last year. This spin-off will follow the Statesman, the American version of the British spy organization. Like Colin Firth, Jeff Bridges, who plays the leader of the Statesman, has also expressed in returning to the series, so it can be assumed that he will helm the Statesman movie, possibly alongside Channing Tatum and Halle Berry.

Finally, Vaughn announced an eight-hour TV mini-series based in the Kingsman universe. Vaughn did not reveal who this series will follow, where it will be based, or when it will take place. Unfortunately, the TV series and the Statesman spin-off did not seem as high on Vaughn's radar as the other two Kingsman movies he announced, so it may be quite some time before we learn anything about this series.

All of these announcements seem rather ambitious for a franchise as small as Kingsman. While both Kingsman movies were fairly successful, they did not meet the same success as other franchises such as Star Wars, Transformers, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Looking at all of these announcements, it feels a little bit like Matthew Vaughn is trying to turn Kingsman into Star Wars, which is currently going through a number of spin-offs, with a couple TV series also on the way.

Fortunately, Matthew Vaughn is a smart man, and he is sure to know what he is doing going forward with this series. He's had hits and misses in his past, so it's very possible that he knows what is and isn't a hit. Many people on the set of Kingsman: The Golden Circle claimed that Vaughn did have "big plans" going forward, so it's quite likely that he's been planning on this for some time. All in all, Vaughn's series of announcements to Empire are sure to get any Kingsman fan excited for the future.