Kingsman: The Secret Service is well on its way to being one of 2015's early box office hits, already taking in more than $155 million worldwide in just over one week in release. We reported last week that director Matthew Vaughn is already formulating ideas for Kingsman 2, but today we have images from one Kingsman: The Secret Service deleted scene that sadly wasn't included in the theatrical cut. U.K. visual effects house Jellyfish Pictures has posted two intriguing photos from a scene involving Michael Caine's Arthur, that made him look 40 years younger through VFX. Here's an excerpt from the Jellyfish website.

"Jellyfish worked on the VFX for the movie including a complex sequence involving Michael Caine looking 40 years younger."
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While no specific details were given about the scene, Kingsman: The Secret Service comic book creator Mark Millar confirmed that the scene was set in 1975, and that it was cut because director Matthew Vaughn thought, "it pulled the movie's pacing sideways." 20th Century Fox hasn't announced when Kingsman: The Secret Service will arrive on Blu-ray and DVD yet, but hopefully this deleted scene will be included. Would you have liked to see this scene in the finished film? Take a look at the photos, along with Mark Millar's tweets below.

By request of the studio, these images have been removed.