Following the international trailer and character posters that debuted last month, 20th Century Fox has released a red band trailer for the upcoming comic book adaptation Kingsman: The Secret Service. This age-restricted footage, which features plenty of R-rated language, showcases that the Kingsman's missions are so secretive and uncanny that they often become fodder for tabloid headlines around the world. We also see some of the parkour skills put on display by "Eggsy" (Taron Egerton), which help qualify him to become a Kingsman agent.

This footage also hints at why Samuel L. Jackson's Valentine needs to be stopped, since he controls some sort of device that makes the entire world break into fits of violent rage. Of course, we don't know exactly how this is possible from the footage below, but it certainly does shed new light on why these covert agents are needed to stop him. And, of course, we get even more action-packed footage that could make director Matthew Vaughn's adaptation of Mark Millar's comic one of the early hits of 2015.

Michael Caine, Mark Hamill, Mark Strong, Jack Davenport, Sofia Boutella and Sophie Cookson co-star in this action-packed thrill ride, arriving in theaters February 13, 2015. Check out the new footage below to step inside the mysterious life of a Kingsman Secret Service agent. It's a red band trailer, so you know it's going to get a little wild!

Kingsman Poster