A once-promising young man gets a second chance in the first trailer for Kingsman: The Secret Service, following the poster and photos that debuted earlier today. Colin Firth stars as Jack, a super spy known as one of the Kingsman knights, who takes his troubled young nephew Gary (Taron Egerton) under his wing. Matthew Vaughn directs this adaptation of Mark Millar comic book, co-starring Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Caine and Sophie Cookson, in theaters October 24.

The world's greatest secret agent is on the most exciting case of his career. But will the end of the world as know it take a back seat to training his street-punk nephew to be the next James Bond? Meanwhile, what's the secret link between a series of kidnapped sci-fi stars, the murder of an entire town, and a dark secret from inside Mount Everest? Under Uncle Jack's supervision, Gary's spy skills and confidence blossom--but when the duo learns what's behind the celebrity kidnappings, the knowledge comes at a price. The conspiracy begins to unravel, but who can be trusted when so many prominent figures seem to be involved? It's a must-be-seen-to-be-believed action spectacle!