Christmas certainly hasn't come early for Kirk Cameron. Not only has his latest effort Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas been deemed the worst movie of the year, and the worst holiday movie ever, it has reached the dubious distinction of being voted worst movie ever. That is quite a huge achievement, but not one we're sure he was aiming for.

The movie, which follows Kirk as he takes his brother-in-law "Christian" on a tour to explain why Christmas is still a Christian holiday, was voted worst movie ever according to IMDB's charts, which is determined by users. The film has received 1.5 stars, which plummeted it all the way to the bottom quite quickly, replacing Birdemic: Shock and Terror as the worst movie of all time. That film has held onto the crown since its release in 2010.

For a movie to appear in IMDB's bottom 100, a movie has to have at least 1,500 ratings. Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas was released on November 14, and earned dismal reviews from critics. In an attempt to stop some of the hate aimed at his film, which was directed by Darren Doane (Eyes Front), Kirk Cameron started a social media campaign to raise the film's Rotten Tomatoes score. That has not worked, as the film still has a 0% TomatoMeter rating, the lowest possible score there is.

The good news for Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas is that the film is now trending on Facebook and Twitter due to its quick decent to the #1 spot on the worst films of all time list, and a lot of outlets are now giving the film some much needed attention. Despite the poor ratings, the film earned $2.5 million from a budget of budget of $500,000 during its limited two-week run. It is now extending its theatrical run so you still have time to catch it on the big screen. Earlier today, Seth Rogen got in on the fun, congratulating Kirk Cameron for his achievement which has brought even more attention to the movie.