August Rush and Windsor Road: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Richard Lewis' Southpaw Entertainment -- which is prepping for the release of Michael Clancy's Eulogy and David Duchovny's House of D, both from Lions Gate Films -- has signed deals with Kirsten Sheridan to direct August Rush and David Nutter to helm Windsor Road for the company.

Oscar-nominated writer-director Sheridan, daughter of Jim Sheridan, will helm "Rush," which is based on an idea conceived by Lewis and described as a modern-day fairy tale about an orphaned musical prodigy who tries to find his parents through their shared musical gifts. Lewis hatched the idea at the hospital when his wife gave birth to their son, who immediately showed an affinity for music. "It will be a musical without people breaking into song," he said. "Music is definitely the lead character in the film. Music is a part of my lifeblood."