On June 30th stars Frank Hvam, Casper Christensen and producer Louise Vesth joined over 100 fans on an unforgettable canoe trip down the Guadalupe river. At the end of the canoe trip attendees were treated to a Rolling Roadshow screening of Klown and a Q&A. We now have footage from this event, along with the new Mondo poster.

Klown Mondo Poster

Mondo artist Alan Hynes created a poster to celebrate the Drafthouse Films release of Klown. "The simplistic bold look of the poster takes a cue from the original look of Klown series; large Futura type and negative space, very Euro" said Mondo artist Alan Hynes.

Sadly, this poster is now sold out. But stay tuned, as for tomorrow, we will have information on how you can watch Klown right here at this very website!