With a thousand title changes in its wake, it should come as no surprise that the Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz summer adventure film Knight & Day is now changing its release date. Once scheduled to open on July 4th weekend, we will now be getting James Mangold's latest project a week earlier than expected. The new release date is June 25th.

The reason for the change? Twentieth Century Fox wanted to give the film more breathing room before Christopher Nolan's suspense thriller Inception opens on July 16th. Phillip Noyce's Angela Jolie thriller is then set to open a week after that on the 23rd. As you can see, this is going to be a busy, crowded summer for action thrillers.

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Knight & Day tells the story of a small-town woman (Cameron Diaz) who thinks she's met the man (Tom Cruise) of her dreams. But as time goes by, she comes to suspect he's a rogue spy. The film also stars Peter Sarsgaard.