Knight Rider has been ordered for the upcoming 2008-09 fall season on NBC. According to Variety, the two-hour pilot that aired in February arrived with strong ratings, guarantying the updated show a place on NBC's upcoming slate of fall programs. The show will most likely air on Friday nights starting in September.

More of NBC's schedule will be announced later this week. NBC Entertainment co-chairman Marc Graboff stated, "We're selling advertisers platforms as opposed to specific shows. Advertisers don't care as much about a specific show as opposed to 'Am I getting the kinds of eyeballs I paid for?' "

He continued, saying, "If we say we have a one-hour drama going into a timeslot, and it turns out it's not up to snuff, we'll put on another one-hour drama we have in the pipeline. What we won't do is put on a reality show. People need to escape. Ben's programming strategy is to find some shows where people can tune in and then mentally tune out. That's his directive, and I think you'll see that reflected in the programs."

Expect to hear about NBC's upcoming slate of fictional shows very soon.