Another day in Hollywood, another reboot in the works. This time it is the David Hasselhoff classic series Knight Rider that is going to get the reboot treatment, but it is heading to the big screen as opposed to being done as a TV series. And, despite Hasselhoff's desire to bring Knight Rider back in a gritty way, it looks like this is going to be done in the vein of 21 Jump Street, which is exactly what the man who starred in the original series doesn't want.

The news comes courtesy of Screen Rant, who report that the Weinstein Company is looking at doing a Knight Rider movie, with John Cena (Sisters) being eyed to star as Michael Knight, and Kevin Hart (Ride Along) being eyed to voice the intelligent car KITT. As it stands, neither of them have officially signed on, but the studio is "interested in getting them on board." It sounds like the project is in the very early stages, as there is no talk of a director or writer being attached to this Knight Rider reboot.

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This news comes just as David Hasselhoff has been trying to get a Knight Rider reboot going on his own. He pitched James Gunn some ideas during Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and the director reportedly responded to them, but Gunn is a busy guy. Hasselhoff said that he wants it to be dark and done in the style of Logan. The most interesting part is that he specifically said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he didn't see this is something that should be done like Phil Lord and Chris Miller's 21 Jump Street, but this new report from Screen Rant specifically states that is what this version is aiming for.

"I've given some ideas to James for Knight Rider and he responded in a big way. If it does go forward, I don't want it to be spoofed like Baywatch or 21 Jump Street. Those films lose what it's about and you have to respect the fans."

Knight Rider originally aired in 1982 and was a very big hit at the time. The series centered on a lone crime fighter named Michael Knight who, with the assistance of his artificially intelligent car named KITT, did his best to stop bad guys in true 80s fashion. The show ran for four seasons and was nominated for an Emmy during its initial run. Sadly, it sounds like David Hasselhoff can't hope for more than a cameo if this proposed version moves forward, just as he did in Baywatch.

This is not the first time someone has attempted to revive Knight Rider. NBC tried to bring the series to the modern age in 2008, but that particular reboot only lasted for a single season. Last year, Justin Lin (Star Trek Beyond) was reportedly looking to do Knight Rider as a web series for Machinima, but that didn't happen either. Given John Cena's rising star, as he is set to star in the upcoming Transformers spin-off Bumblebee, and Kevin Hart's major popularity, this Knight Rider movie could pick up steam quickly if the two stars sign on. Sorry, Hasselhoff.

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