The Good

This show works because of man’s relationship to their automobiles.

The Bad

No real extra features.

Knight Rider: Season Three continues the missions of Michael Knight who fights against injustice with the help of his hi-tech car, K.I.T.T.. This car can do just about everything and the fact that Michael can actually interact with it, creates some interesting moments between the two in this show. Whether they are trying to put away someone who has escaped from jail, tangling with cattle thieves or even fighting K.I.T.T’s evil nemesis K.A.R.R., they always seem to get their man or woman with equal due diligence.

On the surface, I am sure that the story of a man who is sent on missions of good and is aided by his car probably seems laughable, but this show works because of how David Hasselhoff plays the lead role. Also, I think there is something about someone being out for justice that TV viewers naturally gravitate towards. With a television run that went from 1982 to 1986, Knight Rider is a show that works because it’s filled with action and fun.


Bonus Episode: Knight of the Rising Sun

This is a sneak peak of Season Four. Shows like Knight Rider, at least in my opinion, have the ease of having bonus episodes that don’t look any different in their fourth season than they do in Season One. Even the subject matter is such that it is interchangeable. Still, this episode should please the many fans that this show has.


Full Frame - 1.33:1. These shows are over 20 years old and they look like they have been kept up very well. Most of all, I was impressed with the fact that even though the episodes that make up this three disc set are dated, they looked just as good as they did the few times that I watched this show when it originally aired. Shows from the 1980s are very much known for not having a lot showiness in their presentation, and that is something that I think helps their popularity because nothing really fails when it isn’t too flashy. All of the shows in this third season have been digitally remastered.


Dolby Digital - 2.0 - English. Subtitled in English and Spanish. There is a certain calming effect when one hears the opening strains of the Knight Rider theme song. It is much the same feeling that I have when I watch/hear the music for Airwolf. It’s music that is serious but very much keeps itself in line with the fun ideas of the show. Also, on DVD, the ability to focus on the entire show made me really appreciate how well done the writing is. The dialogue between Michael Knight and K.I.T.T. is often priceless.


Hasselhoff has a look of determination about him on the front cover as K.I.T.T. gets almost equal space below him. The cover has an orange/gold, 1980s hi-tech feel. The back features various shots from the show, all of which have David Hasselhoff (but none of K.I.T.T.) in them. There is a description of the show, a “Bonus Episode” listing and some technical specs. All three discs are housed in their own slim, plastic case with the same front cover as the cardboard, vinyl one that holds them. The back lists out all the episodes on these double sided discs, and it gives a description of those episodes as well.

Final Word

David Hasselhoff is the butt of many jokes but he really is a very good actor. The way he pulls of his relationship with K.I.T.T. is certainly something to marvel at. I know that that must sound inane and that I am courting the other side of the argument, but I honestly believe that it was his fun loving attitude that really made this show work. The fact he was this really good looking guy, who was driving around in a car that was smarter than him, catching bad guys and righting the wrongs of society really says a lot about this shows longevity. In fact, I think that there are very few shows that one can mention that elicit the same reverence that Knight Rider does.

So, if you want to see interesting action mixed with hi-tech (for it’s time) fun than Knight Rider: Season Three is a ride you need to take.

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