Knights of the Round Table:IGNFilmforce has released the current frontrunners scheduled to sit around the round table in the Jerry Bruckheimer production, Knights of the Round Table, which is set to be the next film for Training Day director Antoine Fuqua and is based on the true events surrounding King Arthur. At present, Ray Winestone (Sexy Beast) is set to play the role of Bors, Hugh Dancy (Black Hawk Down, Ella Enchanted) is Galahad, Til Schweiger (Driven, Tomb Raider 2) is Cyrnic, Charlie Criptmiles is Ganis, and Madz Mikkelson is Tristran. However, the casting for Lancelot and Guinevere continues while Clive Owen (The Bourne Identity) and Stephen Dillaine (Spy Game) have already been cast as King Arthur and Merlin respectively. Shooting is set to begin in Ireland this April.

Confidence: New photos from Confidence are online on Yahoo! Movies! CLICK HERE

Darkness Falls: The movie, released in January, has hit some legal concerns according to Creature Corner:

Dan Farrands, writer of "Halloween 6," has filed a lawsuit against all those involved in this winter's mildly successful "Darkness Falls." A good ol' fashioned copy infringement case, Farrands and writing partner Carolyn Davis claim that "Darkness" bears a remarkable resemblance to a screenplay they penned in '95 entitled "The Tooth Fairy" - a project that was even announced in Fangoria's Terror Teletype (issue #198) a considerable amount of time before "Darkness Falls" was announced by Revolution Studios.

The Farrands/Davis script concerned a woman named Elizabeth Craven who, in the 1800s, gave children treats in exchange for their baby teeth. Needless to say, a foul misunderstanding occurs between Craven and the townspeople and she winds up hanging herself only to return many years later to spook the townsfolk again.

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Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban: Thanks to a reader over at Dark Horizons, the world has a report from the set of the 3rd Harry Potter flick:

"Last night saw the filming of a scene from the new Harry Potter film near to London Bridge. A hose was being used to make it look like it was raining whilst filmed a red london bus looking like it was colliding with another car as they had two car headlights mounted on a trolley. Also managed to get a good look at the Knight Bus and it's driver which was parked round the corner. In the driver's window there was a spider hanging down and the driver looked quite gnomish with a bald head and white curly hair all around the sides".

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind: Thanks to yet another reader over at Dark Horizons, we have a set report from the latest Jim Carrey project:

"'Eternal' filmed Saturday and Sunday March 29 & 30 in Mount Vernon, NY at the Mount Vernon East Railroad station doubling for the station in Rockville Centre, NY. They filmed moving shots on a rented train that departed for several hours with scenes of Jim Carrey running across the station overpass to catch the train just as the doors closed. A small black colored Ford Fairlane from the early 1960's was to be used, and an adjacent empty parking lot was set up fro some dream or fantasy sequence with a long line of oranges, unboxed videos, tiny square juice containers, and two small brooms and dust pans. Heard they were to finish final scenes at Grand Central Station before two days of stage work".{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl:Entertainment Tonight will air the first official clips and behind the scenes footage to this summer’s surefire hit, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl this week. Pirates which is directed by “The Ring"s Gore Verbrinski is set to blast into theatres on July 9th.

Dead Meat:Creature Corner is reporting that Irish filmmaker Conner McMahon is ready to roll cameras on April 14th for his new indie film. Dead Meat is the titled project and will be the first movie to be funded by the Irish Film Board. It is described as "a horror movie for horror fans made by horror fans". The zombie mayhem starts when a "mad cow" escapes slaughter and infects the population nearby. The movie will star Spanish actress Marian Araujo, David Mallard, Eoin Whelan and David Ryan. Edward King will produce.

The Legacy: Neve Campbell and director Dan Ireland will start production June 1st on The Legacy, says The Hollywood Reporter. The Legacy tells the story of two brothers who develop a rift in their relationship after one receives an inheritance and the other does not. Campbell plays a young American widow that travels to the UK and is taken in by the boys' family only to have both of them fall in love with her. The Legacy is inspired by Guy de Maupassant's French novel "Pierre et Jean."

Your Word Against Mine: According to The Hollywood Reporter, 40 Days and 40 Nights director, Michael Lehmann, is in negotiations to direct Your Word Against Mine for Miramax. Word is a romantic comedy that follows a young man who is trying to become the Scrabble national champion but meets stiff competition from a female player.

Genghis Kahn: As crazy and ridiculous as it sounds, Beijing Star Daily talked with Steven Seagal (yes, Steven Seagal Exit Wounds, Marked For Death) about his upcoming biopic about the warlord:

"We hope to shoot it early next year. At the moment we're trying to round out a cast. I'll be playing Khan, and we've got a great lot of other actors to play some of the smaller roles. In some respects, this will be the epic film I've never been able to do before. And we're hoping to fill a lot of the roles with local actors to make the film authentic. Genghis Khan was a political and military genius. And it was not always that way, after his father was poisoned to death, many detested his appointing as chief. But this man had such a way about him, and spoke truths that his people hadn't heard before. Pretty soon three followers turned into three billion followers".

Seagal is expected to follow this with a third "Under Siege" film.

Moosepart: Maura Tierney, a series regular from "ER", is in talks to join the cast of Moosepart. The 20th century Fox production will be directed by Donald Petrie. Petrie is the director of such movies as How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days and Miss Congeniality. The cast will include Ray Romano from the hit television show "Everybody Loves Raymond" and Academy Award winning actor Gene Hackman.

Hackman will play a former US president who retires to a small town where his neighbors convince him to run for the vacant mayoral seat. The local hardware store owner (played by Romano) decides to run against him just to keep keep things honest. Soon after it turns into a full fledged campaign battle for the vacant seat. Tierney will play the long time girlfriend to Romano's character.

The Assassination of Richard Nixon: Golden Globe and Emmy award winning actor, Don Cheadle, has his sites set on starring opposite Sean Penn in The Assassination of Richard Nixon. The plot involves a furniture salesman, Sam Byck (played by Penn), who comes up with a plot to assassinate Nixon. Byck's hopes of living out the American dream are dashed resulting in frustration and decides to try and fly a commuter plane into the White House. Bonny, a mechanic and Byck's only friend, will be played by Cheadle.

Assassination is based on a true story and will be brought to the big screen by writer-director Niels Mueller.

Cruel & Unusual: The good reviews from Joel Schumacher’s latest film, Phone Booth, must being doing wonders for revamping the directors’ career because The Hollywood Reporter indicated today that he is in negotiations to direct the big screen adaptation of Cruel & Unusual, by best selling author Patricia Cromwel. The movie, like the book, will follow a medical examiner that must figure out how the fingerprints of an executed killer have turned up at the scene of a new crime. Saving Private Ryan and The Patriot writer Robert Rodat will adapt the novel.

{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Haunted Lightshouse: A trailer for Joe Dante's "Haunted Lighthouse" theme park attraction for Busch Gardens, starring Christopher Lloyd & Lea Thompson, is now online! CLICK HERE

The Thing Miniseries:The Sci-Fi Channel is set to release yet another mini-series, this time re-envisioning John Carpenter's The Thing:

The Thing re-envisions John Carpenter's 1982 feature film and its predecessor, 1951's The Thing From Another World, which is based in turn on John W. Campbell Jr.'s classic SF short story "Who Goes There?" The story centers on a team of American scientists who discover a bloodthirsty alien life form in the frozen expanse of Antarctica. Swift, stealthy and cunning, this shapeshifting monster assumes the appearance of its victims with the aim of earning the scientists' trust and decimating the group from the inside.

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