In a sea of reboots and sequels, Knives Out arrived late last year to critical and commercial acclaim. The film's original screenplay featured Daniel Craig as detective Benoit Blanc, who is called to a country house to solve a murder case. During a recent conversation, Craig expressed enthusiasm for returning for Knives Out 2, a sequel to the mystery-thriller.

"I'd be over the moon. I mean, I'd do anything for Rian. If he writes something, I'll do it. Of course I will. Why wouldn't I? I had a ton of fun doing it. You aim for that every time, you aim for that to work out. It rarely, rarely does, but it did on that movie and how nice is that?"
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A welcome statement for fans of Daniel Craig and his performance as Benoit Blanc, the exquisitely polite and extremely astute crime solver with a heavy southern drawl. For moviegoers who are used to seeing the actor in action roles where he punches more and talks less, the character of Blanc was a pleasant surprise.

While an original story, the film draws heavily on the longest and most well-established traditions of detective fiction, especially Agatha Christie's work. There is an opulent country house filled with colorful characters. There is the wealthy owner with more enemies than he realizes, whose murder starts the chain of events depicted in the film.

There are star-crossed lovers, scheming servants, double-crosses aplenty, and at the center of it all, the figure of Benoit Blanc, following in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, committed to brushing away the cobwebs of lies and deceit to uncover the truth behind the death he had been called in to investigate.

While that particular mystery gets cleared up, the formula of the film naturally allows for multiple sequels, each featuring Blanc investigating a new case that has baffled the police.

Aside from the deft handling of the plot, director and screenwriter Rian Johnson also made the movie relevant to our times by adding an 'illegal immigrant' subplot to the central character's backstory, and the various political underpinnings and public perceptions of such people in present-day America were touched upon through the film.

Craig's willingness to go back for second helpings of such a clever and thoughtful piece of filmmaking is understandable. On his part, filmmaker Rian Johnson had previously spoken about what it would take to make a Knives Out sequel.

"There's a lot that has to happen: First and foremost, I have to write a script that's worth a damn, so we'll see. I don't want to jump the gun, but it's something I would love to do. First of all, because I had so much fun working with Daniel, and second, just because of the idea of doing the same thing that Agatha Christie did with Poirot and Miss Marple - just doing a whole different deal with Benoit Blanc as the detective. The possibilities of that seem endless in a way that's really exciting."

So chances are more than likely that a sequel will see the light of day. And judging by Johnson's intent for it, Knives Out Part 2 will be more than a soulless cash grab, but will rather honor the spirit and creativity of the original. Daniel Craig's quote comes from Entertainment Weekly.